Ready to Take Your Golf to the Next Level?

Fed up tee shots finishing way, way offline in the trees?
Fed up with hitting the ground instead of the ball?
Want to have a round of golf where you score lower than your handicap?

The good news is that coaching at Bourne Golf Centre will keep you on the fairway, hit crisp iron shots and score lower.

Indoor golf at Bourne Golf Centre

Golf Coaching Indoors.

The benefits

One of the key benefits of coaching in Bourne Golf Centre is that the problems of wind, rain and cold are entirely removed, allowing the golfer to learn a new technique in perfect conditions from within the warm, modern studio.

High definition video is used to record golfers in every coaching session. This is so you can see for yourselves how you move, how your swing looks before and after adjustment. It’s the most valuable learning aid that makes an immediate and lasting impact on performance – and golfers can see how their technique improves lesson by lesson.

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  • Hitting those tee shots straighter.
  • Keeping those slices out of the trees.
  • Hole that three foot on the last to lower your handicap.
  • Hit those flop shots that land softly on the green
  • Feel confident in your ability to play your best round when you want it the most.

Helping you break down those barriers so you can play the best golf more time and enjoy walking those fairways.

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Everything you need to improve your golf

Golf indoors all year round

Bourne Indoor Golf Centre is an all-year round haven for golfers of all playing abilities.  Playing on a golf course is hard enough without having to develop your golf skills in the same way.

Indoors at Bourne Golf Centre you always have a perfectly flat lie, it is always daylight and is a warm and friendly environment in which to learn, practice and play golf.

About the Centre
Mind training at Bourne Golf Centre

Where To Find Us

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