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Everything you need to improve your golf

Golf indoors all year round

Bourne Indoor Golf Centre is an all-year round haven for golfers of all playing abilities.  Playing on a golf course is hard enough without having to develop your golf skills in the same way.

Indoors at Bourne Golf Centre you always have a perfectly flat lie, it is always daylight and is a warm and friendly environment in which to learn, practice and play golf.

About the Centre
Mind training at Bourne Golf Centre

Take Your Golf To The Next Level

Playing your best golf is much more than a golf swing. How you think and the way you practice all have an equal role to play if you are going to reach your full potential.
(Not forgetting your golf equipment either!)
The good news is that Bourne Golf Centre offers all these services.

Indoor golf at Bourne Golf Centre

Golf Coaching Indoors.

The benefits

One of the key benefits of coaching in Bourne Golf Centre is that the problems of wind, rain and cold are entirely removed, allowing the golfer to learn a new technique in perfect conditions from within the warm, modern studio.

High definition video is used to record golfers in every coaching session. This is so you can see for yourselves how you move, how your swing looks before and after adjustment. It’s the most valuable learning aid that makes an immediate and lasting impact on performance – and golfers can see how their technique improves lesson by lesson.

Book Your Golf Session Now

You can view and book available time slots for you golf coaching or practice session online right now.

  • Choose the day and time that suits your personal diary.
  • Tell us who you are.
  • Pay securely on PayPal with your account or as a guest.
  • That time is confirmed in your name.
  • A confirmation and reminder email will be sent over to you.

All from the comfort of your front room or office desk, any time of the day.

Book Your Session Now


Fed up with missing out on your round of golf because it is dark outside, raining, snowing or blowing a gale?

Now you can play on the best golf courses from around the world in shirt sleeves, all year round indoors in the comfort of Bourne Golf Centre.

Play the Best Golf Courses

With over 90,000 golf courses on the database to choose from, you will never play bored playing golf on our golf simulator.
Here are a few of the top golf courses that you can play


St. Andrews




Your Golf Equipment

Playing a round of golf with ill-suited golf clubs is like running a marathon in a pair of leather brogues. It is possible, but it is harder than it need be.

Custom Built Golf Clubs

No two golf swings are the same, you are unique and we think your golf clubs should be too.



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