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See your golf improve with Bourne Golf Centre

CoronaVirus CoVid-19 Update:  All coaching sessions are currently suspended

If you would like to know any more about golf coaching with Bourne Golf Centre, our articles or keep in touch regarding the restart of coaching, please hit the button.


No more scratching your head – Why do I get completely different results with the same golf swing?


No more quick fixes. Fixes come and go like the wind. Our coaching will stay with you and change your golf forever.


No more bashing balls on a range thinking you’re improving, You will know you are doing so with us, Fact!


With the knowledge of knowing where your golf ball is going to go, playing will be fun on the golf course again.

Genius! Trying not to get ahead of myself, been on the range just now & put it this way. I am looking forward to Troon!

Iain H.

Hi, I’m Darren Game

I have been helping thousands of golfers new and seasoned to improve their golf game, in my already twenty-six-year long career.

Playing since I was five, I always wanted to play golf and win the British Open. However, when I started my PGA training, I soon realised my passion was in coaching golf to others.  Setting up Bourne Golf Centre in 2007 was the best I ever did.  In doing so, it allowed me to spend all my time watching and learning from other coaches and elite golfers. I could spend all my time developing a coaching programme that gets results.  More on this later.

In 2018, I was acknowledged nationally for my work in making golf accessible and inclusive to all within Bourne and the local area.  Winning The Burroughs Award was very special and through all the inclusive sessions I give, I continually have to learn so much more about the human body and how it works to be able to communicate and coach the golf swing. All this experience and knowledge is going to help me to improve your golf game too.

Ok back to you…


Like most keen golfers I know how serious you are about improving your game. However, I also know how frustrated you are and that you feel stuck in at least one big area of your game.


Whether you are an elite golfer, or a club golfer, like many of my current star pupils, I firmly believe that my unique coaching program can help you improve your game and I even back it up with a guarantee.

Places for these sessions are extremely limited 

Here’s some of the ways I can help you improve your game:

  • Fixing that terrifying slice?
  • Getting handicaps down by 5 strokes or more?
  • Turning volatile hooks into baby draws?
  • Helping you add 20 yards or more to dismal drives and leaving playing partners shocked and jealous?
  • Turning swings that become erratic under pressure into a reliable swing that is delivered with ice-cold consistency?
  • Putt like Jordan Speith (or at least more like Jordan Speith)?
  • Start winning the money instead of handing over that crisp £ note every week?
  • Stop the chipping yips?
  • Hit shots on the golf course like you do on the range?
  • Stop shaking like a leaf on the first tee of an important game?


If any of the above sounds like you then you have come to the right place.

The Secret to Success

There’s coaching and then there’s coaching at Bourne Golf Centre!

The difference is that there is more to playing great golf than just how you swing the golf club. Here we work on all the five elements of golf with you, in your personal development plan (not just the golf swing like others). The five key elements being as follows …


How you prepare for each shot, is there a way you make it more consistent …


Your golf swing itself, the ball flight and finishing position of the golf ball …


What do you do after the shot? How do you react to it, is positive or negative …


What you do in between each shot, do you take the result of you to your next shot? …


How do you prepare and practice in preparation for your next round of golf …

There is also one other key ingredient and this is the one that is missed by golfers and coaches alike!


Are you one of the golfers that practices hard, takes lessons and then waits until the end of the next important round of golf or competition to see whether you have improved? (Or not! As the case often is.)

Golf coaching at Bourne Golf Centre is personal, progressive and measured every step of the way.

The Program

The last ten years have been spent developing a powerful coaching program called The Lincs Golf Performance Academy that works. You will receive long-lasting results that change the way you play golf, forever!


Player analysis and testing


Performance review & personal improvement plan


Periodised practice & performance goals


Phased progression for continual improvements

These steps are the real secret to consistent and reliable golf under the pressures of wanting to perform at your very best.

BUT, if you want a quick fix or the ‘easy way’ then I probably can’t help you!

You see I only take on golfers who really want to achieve their goals. That’s what I’m passionate about. I’m passionate about helping committed golfers just like you

What my client’s say …

Wow, can’t believe it! One lesson with you and my handicap has come down by two shots. Now playing of 16.3. Looking forward to my next session.

Mark M.

Start 18 Handicap

All being well (card signed, css not moving), I should be down to 1.3!!! What a season. Out of 17 rounds of golf in 2018, only 1 round (the 1st one) was above my handicap. Crazy really.

Richard M.

Start 3 Handicap

Darren’s approach to coaching is excellent – he distils the key points of the lesson into easily remembered points. After my first session I spent some time on a range and did notice a big improvement in the flight of the ball and some gain in distance.

Mark G.

No handicap

If you are ready to achieve your goals and invest your valuable time then here’s what I can do for you.

I will offer you a free 60-minute Personal Swing Analysis and Performance Assessment.

We will:


  • Analyse your current swing in detail using some pretty cool software called SkyTrak and using video playback. We will then have a clear understanding of what is causing your major problem areas (and how to fix them.)
  • Build your bespoke and personalised Golfers Success Blueprint, designed to lower your handicap and iron out the weaknesses in your game.

Places for these sessions are extremely limited 

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