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US Kids Junior Golf Glove


For the player looking for maximum touch, feel and softness in a tour-level glove. Featuring ultra-premium materials and key performance enhancements, Tour Grip ensures elite players feel and play their best.


  • Top-grade Cabretta leather for ultimate softness and gripping power
  • The ultra-thin design provides unmatched feel, while still offering incredible durability
  • Stretch spandex provides breathability and ensures a proper fit
  • Soft-close tab with a silicone weld logo for maximum comfort

PLEASE NOTE: A right-handed golfer requires a left-hand glove. Vice versa for left-handed.


Club Fitting Your Child

Having helped hundreds of children to golf at the Lincs Junior Golf Academy, we know that the perfect swing begins with an ideal fit of the golf club. When a young player uses clubs that are fit based on their height and skill level, they will learn to swing naturally, while increasing their swing speed and developing good habits. A wrong fit and bad habits are quick to follow! Then the child spends a lifetime trying to get rid of those bad habits.

Why would you want to make the game even harder by allowing your child to use ill-suited golf clubs?



The Facts

  • A child grows an average of two to three inches per year - yearly fitting is essential to achieve and maintain the correct swing development.
  • US kids clubs are scaled precisely for each height size. The drivers increase in length by 2", and the irons, wedges and putters increase in length by 1.5" for each size change.
  • The clubhead weight increases as the size of the club increase, making it possible for the child to swing the golf club whatever their age and size. The smallest size clubs are 30% lighter than the adult equipment.
  • US Kids clubs grip sizes increase in diameter for each size change, meaning the child can take a correct hold as their hand size grows.

Why US Kids Golf Clubs?

Unlike most other brands, when junior clubs are an add-on, juniors clubs is all that US Kids Golf does. So instead of maybe four sizes maximum covering the age range of five to thirteen, US Kids Golf has nine sizes covering the same age groups. That is a significant investment on their part and matches are beliefs; it is much easier coaching a child with the correct sized clubs all of the time and not when they have grown into them!