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Golf Mind Training




Why practice the past when you can rehearse the future?

Golf Mind Training Workshop

Are you looking forward to making 2020 your best golf season ever?

Did you know that you do not have to hit golf shot after golf shot to improve your game?

Are you aware that Jacks Nicklaus believes that 80% of golf is mental?

Are you ready to have your golf game at a higher level ready for when we can grace the fairways again?

Many of the problems encountered on the golf course you can train, improve them, so the damage caused by them is reduced. These include:

–  Nerves and lack of belief in yourself.

–  Losing focus or concentration.

–  Letting one bad shot destroy your entire round.

–  Doubts, fears, and negativity.

–  Hitting better shots on the range than on the course.

–  Playing two completely different 9 holes in one round.

–  Coming off the course dejected even though your partners were saying how well you played.


All being well (card signed, css not moving), I should be down to 1.3!!! What a season. Out of 17 rounds of golf in 2018, only 1 round (the 1st one) was above my handicap.

Crazy really to think I went to Darren at the start of the season, having just my handicap down to three and I didn’t want it to go back up.  Never did I dream, that although Darren never saw me hit a golf shot, that I would end the season off a one-handicap.

I can not mind training for golf enough with Darren; your golf will change forever!

Richard M (Spalding G C)

The Golf 19 Mind Training Workshop Series

In this six week course you will learn skills:

How to identify limiting aspects of your game and improve them

Develop skills to combat 1st tee nerves and standing over that make putt.

Understand focus and concentration.

If you want consistency out,  you need to learn how to put consistency in.

Learning coping strategies for dealing with errant shots.

How to make the most of your golf time.

If you want to take your golf to the next level, there are a few things that you need to know and make of habit of doing them now.  And none of them involves hitting a golf ball at the moment. (You will take your new skills to the range when permitted to.)

Putting can be trained anywhere, so that would be a great place to start; new mind skills learned with putting are easily adapted to the rest of your game.


The Golf 19 Mind Training Workshop Series

Three-week online course on Zoom platform
40 min sessions

Start dates

Tuesday 31 March at 8 pm

Thursday 2 April at 7 pm

£15.00 to enrol

per person

On-line modules included
(You will be sent copies of you’ve submitted.)

Online support in between session.

Reserve your space now

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