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Online Golf Lessons

As winter nights draw in and playing opportunities are significantly reduced, you are probably looking forward to next season and playing better golf, possibly lowering your scores or handicap? Getting golf lessons to fix those swing faults, reduce the effect of errant swings or improve a specific technique seem hard to fit in. Do I have a round of golf with my golf buddies? Or do I book a lesson to improve? I do not have time to do both at the moment.

Embrace the Technology

Online golf lessons with Darren Game PGA coach at Bourne Golf Centre and spend time improving your golf and still be able to play golf at the weekends.

Technology in coaching has evolved so much in the last few years, yet golfers still think battering golf balls down a range is going to improve their golf game and lower their golf handicap. Elite golfers are spending more and more time indoors developing skills that will, when put together, allow them to play great golf more of the time.

Online Golf Lessons at Bourne Golf Centre

Online golf lesson will allow you to do the same. Are you aiming for any of the following?

  • A repeatable golf swing, even under those intense match situations?
  • Possess a baby draw instead of a wicked slice?
  • Casually knock in those three footers?
  • Possess the magic of Seve around the greens?
  • Let go of errant golf shots?
  • Be calm and collected when you know you are onto shooting your career-low score?
  • Understand why your golf shots vary so much in results, even though the ‘swing felt the same’?

If you answered yes to one or more of the above, then online golf coaching with us will help you!

Book your online golf lesson here

Video golf lessons at Bourne Golf Centre

Swing Training

Upload your golf swing and tell us what you need help with, by improving or fixing.


  • terrifying slice
  • wicked hook
  • fat or thinned shots
  • fluffed chips
  • putting yips
  • mis-hit shots
  • just a swing overhaul

Booking Online Golf Lessons

with Bourne Golf Centre

Here is an example of the process.

Step One: Download the Swing Catalyst App from the relevant App Store. (Details about this will be sent after you have purchased your golf lesson.

Step Two: Record your golf swings as requested in the email and upload straight to us using the app.

Step Three: Darren will receive notification of your swing uploads.  He will view the swings and then record your lesson feedback and return to you.

Step Four: You go away and practise the drills and exercises shown.

Step Five:  We get in touch to learn how the improvement is moving on.

Mind Training

Upload your golf swing and tell us what you need help with, by improving or fixing.


  • calming nerves
  • concentration
  • dealing with missed shots (note the word missed opposed to bad?)
  • goal setting
  • expectations
  • taking practice on to the golf course
  • how to win

(Fifty minute video conference call – can be split into two lunch break sessions.)

Online golf mind training with Bourne Golf Centre


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