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Online Golf Lesson


>>> Purchase your online golf lesson
>>> Send in your swing videos as requested after purchase
>>> Book your lesson slot
>>> Attend your lesson
>>>Train and send in your new swing videos
>>> Receive feedback

Online Golf Lessons at Bourne Golf CentreThe world is changing and the technology is out there to teach golf remotely. As we are in the winter months and short days, we can sit and do nothing HOPING that our game will be better when we can play once more. Or we can EMBRACE the change and use mobile technology and improve our golf whilst at home.

Mobile videos and apps mean that I can now come to you.

If you can hit golf balls indoors and improve, then the ball flight isn't the be-all and end-all of making changes.  How you think, the processes and your connection with mother earth all decide where and how the ball flies and its' finishing position.

If you have enough room to stand and address a golf ball, we can improve your golf. If you access to swing a golf club then even better

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