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Video Golf Lessons?

Individual golf lessons are the most effective way to correct a player’s trouble spots or to help set a new golfer on the road to acquiring a sound game.

Lessons are tailored to focus on the golfer’s particular area of need and will include video playback coaching. A range of additional *electronic coaching aids are also available.

Bourne Golf Centre is open from 12 pm – 9 pm weekdays. Other times are available by arrangement. Please contact us for details.

Why Have Golf Lessons?

REMOVE THE GUESSWORK – It’s hard to fix what you can’t see.

SEEING IS BELIEVING – A picture speaks a thousand words.

80% OF US ARE VISUAL LEARNERS – Yet we need have words spoken to us to understand and then, a golf swing is a feeling of motion.

COMPARE – HD video is used so you can see your swing motion before and after adjustment, giving you the confidence to take the new swing out onto the golf course

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Personalised Golf Lessons to Suit Your Needs

Golf lessonss of 60 minutes are available for players of all ages and levels of ability, from complete beginners to seasoned professionals, experienced players and people looking for a healthy activity in retirement. If you are committed to improving your golf game, then Darren is the golf coach to help you achieve it big. It’s never too early or too late to learn.

Examples of some of persoonal packages that have helped golfers like you achieve their dreams include:

Mind training at Bourne Golf Centre
  • Get into Golf beginner packages.
  • The Short Game programme.
  • The Putting programme.
  • Mind training packages.
  • Winter programmes.
  • Course management packages.


Get in contact with us to find the day and time that suits you best.


“Darren’s approach to coaching is excellent-He distills the key points of the lesson into easily remembered points. Following the video lesson I spent some time on a range and did notice a big improvement in the flight of the ball and some gain in distance.
As Arnie once said “I’LL BE BACK””.

Gordon Hopkins

“Hi – have won the June Medal today with a nett 72! Pars on 2nd 6th 7th &16th & a birdie on 11th. As it was a medal I did use my rescue club on some tees as it was flying like a dream today so I managed to keep out of the long rough! CSS was 75 handicap cut from 30.1 to 28.6!”

Chris Laxton

Mind Coaching

Mental toughness helps you play your best.

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Effective Practice

Make the most of your precious time practicing.

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