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Golf is our hobby, and we should be enjoying ourselves when out on the golf course. However, here you are looking at golf lessons at Bourne Golf Centre. So what has happened?


Are you struggling to find the form you had pre-covid19 lockdown?

Has the fun gone out of playing?

Are you frustrated by watching your scores/handicap rising instead of coming down?

Have you a slice that makes all the holes seem so long?

Have you a wicked hook, that never even looks at the fairway?

Do you prefer the thought of the dentist’s chair than having to hole a three-footer to return your best score of the year?


This happens to even the best of the best! Sergio, taking a year out because the game was causing him so much pain. Tom Watson, suddenly started thinking about the three-foot putts back, his fearless chipping suffered.  What you are experiencing happens to every golfer at one time or another.

Golf lesson at Bourne Golf Centre-Lincolnshire

You are not alone! Many of our clients were just like this before they started their development plan with Darren Game, PGA coach here are Bourne Golf Centre.

They are now enjoying their golf and scoring an average of shots lower than before.


You have come to the right place.

Like most keen golfers I know how serious you are about improving your game. However, I also know how frustrated you are and that you feel stuck in at least one big area of your game.


Whether you are an elite golfer, or a club golfer, like many of my current star pupils, I firmly believe that my unique coaching program can help you improve your game and I even back it up with a guarantee.

Here are some of the ways I can help you improve your game:

Fixing that terrifying slice?

Getting scores down by five strokes or more?

Turning volatile hooks into a baby draw?

Helping you add 20 yards or more to dismal drives and leaving playing partners shocked and jealous?

Turning swings that become erratic under pressure into a reliable swing that you deliver with ice-cold consistency?

Putt like Jordan Speith (or at least more like Jordan Speith)?

Start winning the money instead of handing over that crisp £ note every week?

Stop the chipping yips?

Hit shots on the golf course like you do on the range?

Stop shaking like a leaf on the first tee of an important game?

Video golf lessons at Bourne Golf Centre

Would you like to include any or all of these into your golf game?

Better scores?

Have scores that are moving you up the leaderboard?

Soaring, straight and longer drives?

Crisp, green finding iron shots?

A short game that makes the round instead of making it worse?

Have nerves of steel on the putting green?

Mental toughness to allowing you to make that low score after an explosive start?

If all of these excite you then read on. 

Darren PGA Coach Bourne Golf Centre

Darren Game, our PGA coach, has been coaching golf to aspiring golfers, over the last 25 years, new or seasoned, young or old and social or elite.

Darren started playing at the age of five at The Links, West Runton in Norfolk before becoming a member at Burghley Park Golf Club, Stamford. Later he joined Toft Hotel Golf Club, where he completed his PGA training and became a member of The PGA in 1997. After a brief spell as Head of Golf at Wensum Valley Hotel, Golf & Country Club in Norwich, he returned to Bourne to open Bourne Golf Centre in 2007.

Golf is Darren’s passion, as he continues to develop his skills so he can help you play better golf. Not only does he research and develop his knowledge of the golf swing, but has also spent many hours working with mind coaches, Jamie Edward,s Dr Sherylle Calder and Dr Brian Hennings.

The Performance50 Golf Improvement Programme is the result of all this experience, yet Darren still believes the programme can get better. He says. ‘We are better now than we ever have been in understanding the human body and mind, so there is a need for me to research and keep learning new skills.’

What makes Performance50 different from other golf lessons?

Seeing is believing!

Golf isn’t about having a ‘textbook’ looking golf swing; it is about getting the golf ball in the hole, in as little strokes as possible. And, playing great golf is learning how to achieve this, both physically and mentally.

So, your golf swing has to


Productive – give you the desired direction, ball flight and distance.

Repetitive (not consistent!) – you have to be able to believe that the next swing will work.

Efficient – your swing has to work under pressure.

Where Performance50 is different is that it continually monitors and compares progress to the long term development plan. Whether it is to lower your handicap, shoot lower scores or to enjoy playing again, waiting until after the eighteenth green to see whether you have improved or not (as the case may well be) is not the best method to use. Could you be upset more times than you are happy?

We believe there are lots of elements that if worked on, allow the end line to take care of itself. These elements are:

Pre-shot – in effect, your set-up routine.

During – the swing itself and what you do and think in making the swing.

After – how you feel and react to the shot just hit.

In between – what you do and believe in between the golf shots.

At home – what you do and think away from the round of golf.

Having golf lessons at Bourne Golf Centre offers you more than improving your golf swing; yes, no doubt Darren will make changes to your set-up and ultimately your swing.  But, what makes coaching different is the approach to improving your game. Why do you swing the club the way you do? When you can identify this, your game goes to the next level!

We believe there are lots of mini-goals that you are in control of, that if worked on allow you to reach the end line by itself.

Here is what some of my clients have to say …

Wow, can’t believe it! One lesson with you and my handicap has come down by two shots. Now playing of 16.3. Looking forward to my next session.

Mark M.

Start 18 Handicap

All being well (card signed, css not moving), I should be down to 1.3!!! What a season. Out of 17 rounds of golf in 2018, only 1 round (the 1st one) was above my handicap. Crazy really.

Richard M.

Start 3 Handicap

Darren’s approach to coaching is excellent – he distils the key points of the lesson into easily remembered points. After my first session I spent some time on a range and did notice a big improvement in the flight of the ball and some gain in distance.

Mark G.

No handicap

If you are ready to improve your golf and want performance longevity, then golf lessons at Bourne Golf Centre are for you. 

If you are ready to achieve your goals and make a difference within your game, then here’s what I will offer you.

Claim your free 60-minute ‘Personal Swing Analysis and Performance Assessment’.

 In your assessment you will:


  • Analyse your current swing in detail using some pretty cool software called SkyTrak and using video playback. Between us, we will then have a clear understanding of what is causing your major problem areas (and how to fix them.)
  • We will build your bespoke and personalised ‘Golfers Success Blueprint’, designed to help you enjoy your golf again, lower your handicap and iron out the weaknesses in your game.

Places for these sessions are seriously limited

If you are serious about improving your golf game, the best thing you can do right now is to claim your free swing analysis and performance assessment below.

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