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Effective Practice

Ever wondered why you hit the ball better on the range than on the course?

Do you feel that your scores do not reflect how much effort you put into your game?

Are you frustrated at not playing well when you want to the most?


What do you think you need to do to improve your golf?

  • Improve your swing?
  • Remove a destructive shot?
  • Hit the ball further?
  • Hit the ball straighter?

Yes, we would agree with you, how could we disagree? However, could there be another way?

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Are you attempting to be the same golfer the elite golfers would like to be? The golfer that hits every shot perfect?

Have you ever thought about what makes the elite golfers the best?

Could it be the fact that that they know their strengths?  Do they know their weaknesses and avoid them? Do they believe in themselves?

Do you know your strengths and weaknesses and play to them?

Understand your strengths and know your weaknesses and then play with them, you become a far better golfer. If you improve your golfing techniques in the future then you golf will improve even further and who knows what level of golfer you will become.

You play with a card and pencil in your hand, you should practice the same way!

Change the way you spend your time on the practice area, simulating playing on the golf course and you will train yourself to perform when matters.  On the golf course every shot matters, so on the range every shot you hit must have a purpose and consequence.

In our Effective Training E-book, you will receive driving range challenges that will test your skills and intensify the importance of each shot to a level equal to that of being on the golf course.  The challenges are addictive as they are informative as you know you can do better, but can you handle the pressure. As it intensifies, your knowledge of your game develops allowing you to play better golf.

Don’t delay get your copy now and be ready to play your best golf when it matters, get your free sample book now.

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