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How to improve your golf in lockdown.


THERE IS TIME! Embrace the new, discover how to improve your golf game ready for 2021 even without hitting a lot of golf balls.


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Dairy Milk Golf – one chunk (shot) at a time.

Okay, so I am showing my age! But playing great golf is just like eating a Dairy Milk – one piece at a time.

‘One chunk leads to another.’

Now, isn’t that the way we should play golf? One swing or golf shot at a time.

The best golfers in the world invest massively in learning how to stay in the present moment. Think of Dustin on Sunday morning with a four shot lead: how easy would it have been for him to get ahead of himself and start planning his menu for the Champions Banquet next year? But he had eighteen holes still to play and hopefully not many individual strokes. He still had to perform.

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He made contact with the ball a total of sixty-eight times when he tallied up his scorecard at the end of the day to post a score of sixty-eight and win The Masters by five shots.


A Rare Insight into the Thoughts of the Elite Golfers


Here is a fantastic video with Luke Donald, and it ends up giving you a great insight into his mindset and staying in the present. Luke recorded the video the year he became the first player in history to win the PGA and European Tours money list in the same year; some feat when you consider all the great golfers past and present. The video starts as a ‘How to play a flop shot’. After fluffing it, the video switches to reveal the mindset of a champion golfer. I am so glad that they didn’t reshoot or we would have missed out on listening to a gem.

Doesn’t Luke make the game sound easy? Hit it, go and find your next shot and hit. How many times doe she say that? Three? So it’s his mindset, his trained procedure; not just a figure of speech, he plays golf that way even when he hits a bad shot!

The big question is, how can we adopt the same winning formula?

In my next article, I will ask you a big question that will get you thinking and ready to improve your golf in lockdown.



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