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Services Available


Golf Centre Training Hire (45 minutes) – £15.00

Come in and hit balls on the simulator. Choose between practice range or playing on one of the golf courses (a choice of over 100,000 golf courses from around the world, including all the major courses.)


Golf Centre Training Hire – Skills Challenges (45 minutes) –  £20.00

In this booking, you can set up distance challenges and your scoring will be recorded and sent to you via email. Set your distance and number of shots per target. You will be given a dynamic handicap based on the distance each of your shots finishes from the target. Something to beat next time.


Mental Toughness Training (45 minutes) – £35.00

Improve your mental toughness ready for the golf course and performing at your highest level. Improve your coping mechanisms, helping to deal with nerves, overcoming errant shots, concentration and the likes.


Club Fitting Sessions (45 minutes) – £35.00

Get your clubs checked out, making sure they are correct for you. Or, work out how far you hit each club with the bag mapping app within the simulator software.


Online Golf Video Call Coaching Lesson Type 1 (45 minutes) – £35.00

Book this slot fro a video call, send in your golf swing videos beforehand and view your swings with Darren as if you were with him in the golf centre. Hear and watch how to make the improvement so you can go away and implement them.


Online Golf Video Call Coaching Lesson Type 2 (15 minutes) – £40.00

Book this slot to come in and hit golf shots that will be recorded.  You will then book a video call slot in which you receive your golf coaching, as per type 1 online golf coaching.

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